Eggs Bonanza™



Get ready to embark on an extraordinary gaming adventure where amidst the gentle sway of sunflowers, you’ll be greeted by the lovable Coco and an enchanting chicken coop, ready to unveil an unforgettable experience!

Prepare to be whisked away by the thrilling features that Eggs Bonanza™ has in store for you: the Bonanza Booster, Bonanza Bonus, Eggs Collect, and Chicky Respins. Eggs Bonanza™ boasts an impressive 243 ways to win and a dynamic 5×3 grid that can expand by 1 row in both directions during the Bonanza Bonus, adding to the thrill and anticipation of every spin.

Collect Bonanza Booster tokens to unlock the power to significantly enhance your chances of hitting it big during the Bonanza Bonus. As you accumulate these tokens, the starting value of your collection tokens in the Bonanza Bonus will soar to new heights, amplifying your potential rewards! Within the captivating Bonanza Bonus, you’ll have the opportunity to activate four incredible collection features with 3 collection tokens: Doubler, Spinner, Expander, and Prizer. Combining these features can award wins up to 15 000x bet!

Get set for the egg-citing world of Eggs Bonanza™, a game that is cracking with win potential!


Bonanza Bonus
is triggered by landing 3 Bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. During Bonanza Bonus 4 collection features are available: Doubler, Spinner, Expander and Prizer. The collection feature is triggered by 3 corresponding symbols landing on the reels. When the Doubler feature is triggered, all Egg symbols on the reels are multiplied by 2x. With Spinner, you receive an extra spin for each retrigger. Expander activates additional rows both above and below the main 5×3 grid. Prizer rewards you with the valuable Prize Egg, which can be worth up to 1,000x your initial bet.

Chicky Respins
The Eggs Collect feature is triggered when 2 Golden Egg symbols land on the reels after the spin. Each new egg symbol or 1UP symbol triggers a new respin. Each 1UP symbol that lands increases the feature multiplier by 1x. The winning payout equals the sum of egg symbol values landed on the reels multiplied with the feature multiplier.

Bonanza Booster
The Bonanza Booster is a meter that shows the collection progress of tokens. By collecting up to 16 Bonanza Booster tokens, you can significantly increase your chances of winning big during the Bonanza Bonus. The more tokens you collect, the higher the starting value of your collection tokens in the Bonanza Bonus.



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